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Two members of the review team, Archbishop Emeritus Norman Palmer (left) and Mr. Tony Maelasi with heads of two departments.
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COM Undergo Review
November 1, 2006

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] The Church of Melanesia is currently undertaking a major review within the Church.

This follows a resolution agreed to at the 12th general synod at Airahu in Malaita late last year for three quite large reviews to be carried out by the Church in this year.

The first is a review of the Melanesian Board of Mission. It has two parts. The first part is to review the four religious life orders, namely the Melanesian Brotherhood, the Sisters of Melanesia, the Sisters of the Church and the Society of St Francis.

They will be reviewed in terms of their administration and management as well as support provided to them by the Church, to their life, work in the mission and ministry of the Church.

These orders have made a tremendous contribution to the life of the people they work with and have the potential to contribute much more in the mission and ministry of the Church. This is especially as a lot of young people are joining the religious orders.

The second part is a review of the Melanesian Board of Mission department. There has been concern that the department is not able to meet some expectations of the dioceses and as well some people felt that the department should be able to address specific issues, such as the environment and ecumenism, peace, justice and HIV and AIDS.

The MBM department covers besides the four religious life orders, the Mothers Union, Inclusive Communities Program, Youth and Women?s Desks, Mission to Seafarers, Community Care Centre, History, Curriculum and Communications Officer, Renewal and Evangelism and the newly established Aid and Program Officer. Some of these positions are currently vacant.

The second review is to look at ministry and vocational training run by the Dioceses, in particular at the ministry training centers of the diocese of the Church of Melanesia with a view to recommend measures to improve the training.

The last review is on specialized training for the Church. It will explore what sort of training is needed to cater for the specialized needs of both clergy and laity.

These reviews are being carried out by two Taskforce Committees set up by the church.

They are expected to be completed and submitted to the Bishops Council in mid November.