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COM Executive Development Workshop Well Appreciated
by Richard Toke
November 1, 2004

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] A workshop for the Church’s executive meaning the Bishops, Diocesan Secretaries, heads of institutions was held in Honiara from 3rd to 4th August 2004. The 38 participants who attended were from both Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

From the evaluation made after the workshop, the participants considered the workshop to be most beneficial and useful to them. The topics covered included auditing, Financial instructions, human resources management, decision making, finance and budgeting.

The workshop emanated out of concerns relating to various issues it was felt that the Church executives ought to be informed about or to be aware of to ensure proper management of Church resources.

In 2003, the Church adopted the Financial Instructions which outlined financial management procedures for the proper management of Church funds. Hence, the opportunity was taken to ensure the Church executive are aware of their responsibilities in this regard.