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Election and Consecration of the Bishop of Hanuato’o
by Richard Toke
November 1, 2004

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] The Council of Bishops has announced the dates for the election and consecration of the new Bishop of Hanuato’o Diocese.

The election will be held at the Community of the Sisters of the Church’s place, Tete Ni Kolivuti on Guadalcanal, on 27th November, 2004.

The meeting will be preceded by a days Retreat at the same place for the Diocesan Electoral Board. The meeting will be followed by a Council of Bishop’s meeting.

The process for the selection of a Diocesan Bishop of the Church of Melanesia requires agreement of the Council of Bishops to the person elected by the Electoral Board.

The date of consecration for the Bishop of Hanuato’o is 10th April 2004. The consecration will be held at Kira Kira on Makira island.

The election has been necessitated by the resignation of Bishop James Mason as Bishop of Hanuato’o to take up an appointment with the Diocese of Exeter, at the end of 2004.

Bishop James Mason was the first Bishop of the Diocese since the diocese was formed in 1991.

Please remember the Diocese and in particular the Electoral Board and the Council of Bishops in your prayers.