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St Nicholas accorded State Visit
October 5, 2009

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] St Nicholas High school in Honiara was very fortunate to get a special visit from New Zealands Governor His Excellency Anand Satyanand and Lady Satyanand this morning.

The visit was part of the Governor Generals community visits while undertaking his state and ceremonial duties in Solomon Islands.

A special welcome was accorded to him and his delegation by students of St. Nicholas before he met the Archbishop of Melanesia The Most Rev. David Vunagi, the School Principal Mrs. Christina Vunagi and staff members of the school.

In officially welcoming him Archbishop Vunagi said the School and together with the Anglican Church of Melanesia who owned the school are honoured to have the opportunity to meet and talk with him.

The Anglican Church of Melanesia has a special relation ship with New Zealand through its early missionaries and so it is indeed a special visit he said.

The Governor General in his address said the relationship forged by Bishop Selwyn 150 years ago continues today.

He said he too cherished the privilege to visit St Nicholas High School.
He told the students that he wanted them to remember his visit with a simple message. And that message is to ‘read’.

“Reading is key to knowledge and in turn key to education. I want you to read any book you lay your hands on. I regard the matter of reading as central and singly important if we want to aspire for better education.”

It is because of this he said he donated a small selection of books for the school Library at the end of his visit.

“The best investment society can make is invest in education.”
He said on a bilateral level the relationship New Zealand shared with Solomon Islands is through education.

“Therefore education is important for all of us.”

The Governor General and Lady Satyanand later visited and spent sometime with the Kindergarten children.

The school also put on entertainments for the his delegation. Although the tour lasted for less than an hour it will certainly be remembered by many present as a special visit St. Nicholas had in 2009.