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DOVNC Mothers Union launched Resource Manuals
August 5, 2009

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] On 2nd of August 2009 the Mothers Union of the Diocese of Vanuatu and New Caledonia launched a Revised edition of their Hand Book, the Preparation Manual and 5 Year Strategic Plan. The day began at 8am with Holy Eucharist celebrated by the Vicar General of the Diocese of Vanuatu and New Caledonia Fr. Thorswel Viradali. He also dedicated the Books before the formal launching after the service.

During the ceremony marking the formal launching DOVNC Mothers Union President Mrs. Janet Sine thank the former President Mrs. Nellie Siba for all the effort done during her leadership especially setting up a committee that reviewed the Mothers Union Handbook and also looked at the Preparation Manual and the 5 Year Strategic Plan. She also thank the Members of the General Meeting of September 19th that put their hands together to come up with 5 strategic issues to be tackled within the 5 years, beginning this year 2009.

She also strongly emphasised to the heads of the church participating in the ceremony of the launching to work together and to see the importance of the Books and also that each church heads, the clergy and Mothers Union leaders should have copies of the books in order to read it and see where they could come in to help the Mothers’ Union or give direction to the Mothers’ Union where necessary.

The Handbook consists of 6 parts:
- Mothers’ Union Constitution.
- Members Meetings of Various Bodies in the Mothers’ Union
- Bye-Laws of the Mothers’ Union, Policies and Responsibilities of the Heads of Department created in the Mothers’ Union organization
- Mary Sumner (An Appreciation) and Growth of the Mothers’ Union Organization.
- Preparation of Lessons for Admission to Mothers’ Union and Mothers’ Union Statistics
- Mothers’ Union Worker’s Job Description.

The Five Year Strategic Plan consists of the 5 strategic issues that are to be tackle. The five strategic issues are:
- Broken marriages/homes
- Financial constraints
- Spiritual Development
- Health issues
- Ecumenical

She stated that the Preparation Manual consist of 28 studies. These studies are to be taught to the new intake for 6 months and the candidate will involve in the Mothers’ Union activities for another 6 months and when the leader is satisfied with the candidate then she could recommend her to be admitted on either 25th March celebration or 8th September celebration.

Deputy General Secretary Mr. Anthony Seketa congratulates the Mothers’ Union for the work done so far. He stated that there is funding available within the church and also from donors. He adds that donors now fund church organization. And too that this strategic is important. It is only through Strategic or a well planning organization that donors give their support to the organizations. Once again he congratulates the Mothers’ Union.

Mrs. Ketty Napuat our guest speaker during the Launching of the Books. She is the Head of the USP Campus here in Luganville. However before launching she said that one of the important aims for the church is the department of women and of the children also work together with the for the purpose of care and nurturing which is the responsibility of mothers. Any church that wants to grow must recognize the two important departments because the future of the church depends entirely on the children therefore the church needs to help women and mothers especially to bring up the future leaders of the church.

Mothers also play important roles by way of caring and nurturing the new church attendance. They did a lot of visiting and finds different ways of how to reach out to other members of the church. Mothers are the ones that are aware of the family problems affecting the church members and make efforts to visit and pray with the families.

She continues to say that as we are about to witness the launching of the three books that will make the work of the Mothers’ Union more effective and easy to organize and coordinate. Nowadays the church has to insert money and other help to make sure that the work of the Mothers’ Union is going on well. Also the books will make the Mothers’ Union members feel heavier the responsibilities and seriousness of the work therefore commits them to meet the organization’s requirement and timeframe.

The strategic development plan is an important tool to focus the mothers’ union goal for their work and to give hand to make work easy to them that responsible to the out come of the activities of the church through the Mothers’ Union.

She encourages the men, clergies, church heads and all stake holders to give a strong recognition to the work of the Mothers’ Union after the launching of the books and strongly emphasized to the church to, “give to the Mothers Union all possible support and help to their work and work together with them to make the work of the church comes more family and friendly to achieve what God wants us to do to lift up the spirit of the human being in this world”.

She congratulate the Mothers’ Union for the effort to launch the three books and therefore wish the Mothers’ Union God’s Grace upon the works that will be implemented according to the books.