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Literacy training held for DOBT
September 10, 2009

“We can see... We can hear… We can talk… But we can’t read it or write it…”
The Diocesan Mission Secretary Fr. Berry Wilkins reflected on what it means to give people of DOBT a second chance.

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] The four-day Literacy training run by the Church at Sola for Banks and Torres is not a mistake but Gods plan in mission.

The training was run from September 1 - 4, 2009, by the Literacy Office under the Provincial Mothers Union Office. Literacy Coordinator Veve Emily Orudiana and Womens Desk Officer of the Church Veve Judith Siota took to the training house at the Diocesan Headquarters Sola.

The workshop was aimed at getting the participants know how to write materials, get to understand it well and use it to teach other people. It reflects a moving church and a moving mission. From our lips the Gospel is preached and with our human hands, we put it into action, thus we the church, both pointing to spiritual and physical development in education.

One local literacy church member say, I can see… I can hear… I can talk… but the problem is I can’t read it and write it. That’s why we strongly believe that something’s got to be done about it.

The illiteracy rate in the Diocese of Banks and Torres currently stands at 85%. This is a huge number if we put a face to it. The impact this has on the development of our diocese is immense. Therefore this adult literacy training programme is one way of addressing our problem.

The participants were drawn from the whole diocese therefore we believe we have covered everyone.And while members of the Mothers Union got an upper hand in such trainings we were also very happy to give men a chance and three of them have really participated well and really enjoyed their time together getting to share with the 16 other women.

Had it not for the foresight of the donor partners especially the Episcopal Relief Development Fund of America this training would have not been possible.
Therefore the Diocesan Mission Office thanked ERD and the Anglican Church of Melanesia for providing 305,720vt which enabled the programme to be run.
The Diocese also thanked Veve Emily Orudiana and Veve Judith Siota for facilitating the training.

What has been learnt at Sola will certainly go down to the parishes and districts in the regions and communities. And the Diocese is hoping that this three days of training will contribute in a long way to enhancing development within the church and communities especially in the area of adult learning.