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Part of the Church congregation at Liwe Parish in the Southern Region listening to the Bishops Talk
Photo: ACOM/Rolland Gito
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Church must encourage biblical stewardship
April 8, 2009

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] The Rt Revd Sam Sahu, Bishop of the Diocese of Malaita said there is a strong need to teach and practice biblical stewardship in the Anglican worship.

Speaking to congregations around the Diocese during his 3 weeks inaugural tour that ended yesterday he said priests, catechists and church leaders must teach stewardship if they want to see people grow in their giving through tithes and offerings.

In this way, he said village or parishes can support their mission work through the youth, Sunday school, mothers union and catechists ministry.

“Bigger things grow out of little ones so by practicing biblical stewardship in our villages and parishes, we should be able to move into bigger investments or self supporting projects at the diocesan, regional, parish and village level.

“Today, we must change our mind-set and begin to make money to support development in our communities and the mission of our Church.”

The Bishop said rural parishes are blessed with so much resources and it only takes the right kind of teachings to see healthy biblical stewardship practiced.

“This can help our people understand well that their land and seas, trees and forests can be used to build good churches, good schools, good training centres and clinics.”

Teachings on stewardship must take place in every home and family in the parishes and in schools he said.