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Churches asked to tackle social issues
March 6, 2009

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] “The Church of God, in Solomon Islands, through the Solomon Islands Christian Association and the Solomon Islands Full Gospel Association, and indeed through each individual denomination, must now heed the wake-up call of the youth population of our nation, who are adversely beset by the impediment of kwaso (alcohol) and marijuana consumption, which destroy the peace and tranquility of our rural villages and towns.”

This call was made by the Governor General of Solomon Islands, Sir Nathaniel Waena at a special function he hosted in honor of the newly elected Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia at the State House in Honiara last night.

He said such destructive indulgence, by our productive youth manpower, indeed pose serious threat of no small magnitude, which is already destroying the good rural way of life, once peacefully enjoyed by our forerunners.

“May I humbly submit to all of you the Spiritual Leaders of God’s Church, that, it may well be now appropriate for Her Majesty’s Government, together with the respective Education Authorities of the Churches whose schools were taken over by the state in the last century to seriously reconsider the adverse side effect of that government policy which inevitably has resulted in the disappearance of religious discipline among our young people.”

The Governor General asked if the Churches be again willing to consider being delegated the direct authority and responsibility, for administering the Schools, while the government remains responsible to provide grants, teachers and equipments.

Such a partnership in educating our people he said would realistically return the desired religious discipline to the schools.

“We must build our nation, with individual citizens who are self-disciplined; an ingredient which the churches alone can effectively impart in our schools for the long-term nation-building purposes.”

Last nights function was attended by Heads of the Churches in Solomon Islands, government leaders and Anglican Church leaders.