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Solomon Islands participants of the curriculum training
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Facilitator Mrs. Tagolyn Kabekabe
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August 11, 2008

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] The Anglican Church of Melanesia will soon be introducing HIV and AIDS as part of its teaching curriculum in its schools in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

In its preparations for this, the HIV and AIDS department has conducted two curriculum trainings for its teachers both in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu in the past two weeks.

Primary and secondary teachers as well as Rural Training Centres and affiliate schools of the Church has undergone intensive practical sessions on how to effectively teach the subject.

The Church is hoping to introduce it as a compulsory subject for all students at all levels of the school.

A working committee has been mandated to draw up the curriculum that would be used. It will be adapted from the HIV and AIDS curriculum now used by the Anglican Church schools in Papua New Guinea.

The similarities of the countries in many aspects have given Solomon Islands and Vanuatu a fairly strong footing on the process given the wide experience Papua New has in tackling the problem.

Mrs. Tagolyn Kabekabe of AngliCare Papua New Guinea who facilitated the recent worshops in both countries said getting the subject into schools will really help in the prevention efforts.

Fighting the pandemic in the long term must start with the young people she said.

Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, Kabekabe said, has a lot to learn from their Melanesian neighbor Papua New Guinea in how the disease has affected ordinary people there especially the productive age group who are the backbone of the country.

Introduction of HIV and AIDS curriculum in Church schools and and other Church insitutions is part of the implementation process of the Church’s HIV and AIDS Policy launched in March this year.

The Policy was developed in response to the need for the Church to engage in the prevention effort to complement national efforts of both countries in addressing the pandemic.

20 teachers from Solomon Islands attended their training from 28 - 31 July and in Vanuatu 27 Principals attended theirs being run from 4 - 7 August 2008.