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Guests attending the worship service
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Seafarers; Mason Kabau, Capt Abini Maeta, Ridol Papona and Engineer Catherine Talua
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St. Albans Choir members leading the worship in songs
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July 16, 2008

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] Hundreds of Solomon Islands seafarers and their families last Sunday commemorated this years annual Sea Sunday programme in Honiara.

Representatives from the government private sector and churches also joined in the afternoon worship and celebrations at the St. Albans Church Hall by the beach.

Sea Sunday is held every second Sunday of July to remember and pray for seafarers and acknowledge the important work they do in the shipping and transport industry.

Church of Melanesia’s Archbishop Emeritus Norman Palmer at the service said the seafarers must be commended for the hard labour and sheer sacrifice they made everyday to provide for the needs of the nation of Solomon Islands.

“Seafarers are our lifeline who lives hard and often lonely lives on our behalf to ensure that our daily needs are met.Most of our fuel, our food and nearly all the everyday items get to us because of the dedication and commitment of the seafarers to their work,” he said.

Without them he said we would have not been able to achieve so many things that make us become a prosperous nation.

“Seafarers played an insurmountable role in the holistic development and building of this nation. It is through ships and work of the seafarers that missionaries carry and spread the gospel to our islands, teachers educate us and doctors and nurses heal us,” he said.

Archbishop Emeritus Palmer in a nationwide live address encouraged the people of Solomon Islands to continue to pray and give moral support to the seafarers and their families.

Captain Pascal Ohoau, Maritime Safety Administrator of the Marine Division said the support of the nation through prayer and other means have taken the work of the seafarers through many challenges and tests in both national and international voyages.

He said 90 percent of the national trade has been transported by seafarers and sea.

“Despite facing some harsh weather conditions whereby nature takes it toll, we kept going for the good of the nation. Therefore our nation must appreciate the service that has been rendered to all of us under these unforeseen certain difficult circumstances,” he said.

Chaplain to the Mission to Seafarers in Solomon Islands Fr. Wilson Mapuru thanked individuals and organizations who have contributed time, effort and resources to the Sea Sunday programme.

Meanwhile seafarers in the Western province will have their Sea Sunday service on 27th July at Noro to coincide with the opening of the newly established Seaferers Centre at Noro township.