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New office extension under construction
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Workers engaged with the construction of the office extension
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Extension work viewd from another angle
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COM Provincial Office Vanuatu extended
May 29, 2008

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] Church of Melanesia Vanuatu provincial office is currently undergoing construction work for additional office spaces to its property at Luganville on Santo.

Deputy General Secretary of COM Vanuatu Mr. Anthony Seketa said construction of the office extension is an important project that reflects the development and growth of the Church and its work in Vanuatu.

He said the extension funded through the COM capital grant of 1.2million vatu is for additional 7 office spaces that would in the future accommodate the growing number of staff. Currently only four offices are being shared among 13 staff members.

Mr. Seketa said the current office is a residential building turned into an office therefore refurbishment work will continue until such time it can meet their needs.

A garage and storage facilities will be the next extension project when funds are available in the future.

Construction of the office extension is supervised by the Church of Melanesia Trust carpenters with assistance from 3 students who have graduated from a Church owned and run Torgil Rural Training Centre last year. Two other wokers are contracted on casual basis from the Anglican parishes in Luganville.

The work is expected to complete in July this year.