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Asia Pacific Development Coordinator of PWRDF Ms Chowdhury Mahjabeen and Bishop Richard Naramana
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Chowdhury Mahjabeen crossing the river to Garanga with members of the Brothershood and a Mothers Union worker
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Farm Manager and the Diocesan Bishop in the farm
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PWRDF offered more assistance to Garanga
May 8, 2008

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] A Canadian funding agency that has in the last five years funded Garanga Agricultural Development Project in the Diocese of Ysabel promised to pump more money into it for the next three years.

Extension of funding by the Primates World Relief Fund (PWRDF) for the next phase from 2009 to 2011 was attributed to the work put into the project by the diocese and the results it produced.

Coordinator of the PWRDF, Ms Chowdhury Marhjabeen visited the farm in April 2008 and expressed the joys of being able to assist a project with limited funds, yet has produced astounding results in terms of crop yields and the developments undertaken for the effective use of the land for a variety of crops.

She said Garanga farm has very good audit reports compared to other projects they fund throughout the world and this has given them confidence in boosting their support in the next three years.The farm which started in 2004 was funded by PWRDF with additional one-off support from the Anglican Board of Mission New Zealand, Anglican Communion Office in London, and the Franciscan Aid.

PWRDF is funding the project on a three year agreement and the next phase would be the third time they provided this assistance.

The farm currently covers an area of 15 hectares with variety of short and long term crops such as coconut, cocoa, kava, ginger, tobacco, potato, cassava, peanuts and other local seasonal crops.
Recently the farm have diversified into eucalyptus and Getropha plant species

Bishop Richard Naramana thanked the PWRDF for the recognition and encouragement through the extension of their support for the project. The Diocese receives about $100,000 annually from PWRDF for the project which is part of its commercial arm.

The project since its inception has benefited not only the diocesan programmes but also helped ordinary people through direct participation in the farming activities.