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Education is about Carving Talents
December 10, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] General Secretary of the Church of Melanesia Mr George Kiriau said that education was not just about academic work and getting formal employment only, but was about gaining the talents, strength, knowledge and skills to help others and themselves.

Speaking to students of St Nicholas school in Honiara during their 2007 official closing programme on Wednesday this week, he said students were educated to fulfill God's purpose and not only for financial returns or to please parents.

He said that if they were not successful academically it might be because their talents were elsewhere.

"If we cannot move on in the academic level, we can move on to the other things probably to do with practical things like farming, gardening, fishing, home craft or catering.

"You are unique in the talents you have. But you must use and develop your skills and discipline to make a difference in life."

Mr Kiriau encouraged the students to strive on and not to see themselves as failures. Failure happens only when they quit or give up in life.

Meanwhile the School Principal, Mrs Christina Vunagi, commended the teachers and students for another year of excellent academic achievements both for the primary and secondary strands.

"Academically St Nicholas is doing very well and have proved to be just as competitive as other well established schools in the country."

While the Form 3 and Form 5 results were not yet known, she said the Grade 6 results showed a 100 percent pass, which clearly demonstrated the hard work of both the teachers and the pupils themselves.

She also took the time to thank the parents and guardians for their support in making the school what it was today.