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MBH Encouraged to have Self-Respect and Discipline
October 29, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] Archbishop of the Church of Melanesia Sir Ellison Pogo said the Melanesian Brothers needed to be more vigilant about their life and had to possess much more self discipline.

Speaking to the Brothers as Father of the Brotherhood at the 11th Great Conference held at Tabalia on west Guadalcanal in Solomon Islands, Sir Ellison said life as a Brother was much more difficult today than it had been in the early days of the Brotherhood.

He attributed this to the development taking place and to outside influences which brought greater temptations to the way the Brothers lived and became attached to the things of this world.

"When will we look at our Promises and at our roots and declare that these things are not part of the Brotherhood?" he questioned.

He said the attractiveness of the Brotherhood's lifestyle was found in its simplicity and not in the luxury and expensive material things of this world.

"We must be far more conscious of the example of the Lord himself when he commissioned the 72 to go out two by two, with instructions to travel light and not burden themselves with the things of this world which could only detract from their mission," he said.

He also urged the Brothers to have a strong sense of self-discipline in order to uphold the integrity of this holy vocation.

"Discipline seems to have become lax. There seems to be a lack of respect for the Leaders of the Brotherhood, and this means that unruly behaviour has arisen."

He said there would have to be a return to humility and respect if the Brotherhood was to remain effective in this ever-changing world.

Archbishop Pogo was encouraging the Brothers to live up to their Promises in his strongest words as this was the last Great Conference he presided before his retirement next year.

The Conference of the Brotherhood and Companions was held from the 18 to 24 October 2007.