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Some of the delegates from the Phillipines Region
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The Archbishop of the Church of Melanesia chairing the Conference. Others (left to right) are Garry Fagg, Keith Joseph of BPTC (back) and Head Brother Caulton Weris.
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Fr Brian McDonald Milne, Advisor of the Melanesian Brotherhood, flanked by two delegates from the Phillipines Region
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Delegates from the United Kingdom and Papua New Guinea
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MBH Proposed Six Marks of Mission
October 19, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] At a three-day workshop in preparation for the Great Conference at Tabalia this week, the Melanesian Brotherhood drew up and agreed on a set of guidelines known as the six Marks of Mission of the Brotherhood and Companions.

The workshop reflected on the baptismal ministry of all Christians, then began working on MBH priorities for mission. On the second day, the workshop looked at the Five Marks of Mission of the Anglican Communion and development of this document by MISSIO, the international Anglican mission commission. Small groups then identified what they thought were the Marks of Mission of the Melanesian Brotherhood and Companions and developed them.

On the third day, the workshop again looked at MBH Mission priorities, and in light of them put forward six Marks of Mission for the Melanesian Brotherhood, which have received unanimous support from the whole workshop.

The proposed six Marks of Mission of the Melanesian Brotherhood are:

1. To proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of Christ to those who have not heard it, both in the Pacific and beyond.

2. To prepare new believers for baptism, and to strengthen Christians in their faith through example, teaching and pastoral care.

3. To reach out in love to the poor, the marginalized, the sick, the young, the aged, and the Companions.

4. To strive for peace and reconciliation between people of different cultures, races, islands and countries.

5. To work with others to preserve the environment and to proclaim that we are responsible to God for the care of the land, the sea, the people and all God's creatures.

6. To celebrate God's mission with joy through worship, song, dance and loving service.

Hundreds of members of the Melanesian Brotherhood, Novices, Companions and Chaplains of the Brotherhood discussed this from October 16-18, 2007.

Bishop Terry Brown, Bishop of Malaita and Senior Bishop of the Church of Melanesia, facilitated the workshop.

The proposed Marks of Mission have been brought before the Great Conference for consideration and approval. The Conference began with reflection on God's Mission, making the point that God's Mission in Jesus Christ comes before our own individual missions, and that we are sent out in support of God's Mission.

The Conference concludes next week.