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Unity Is God's Blessing -- Fr Lambert
October 18, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] Fr Ian Lambert, Assistant Rector of Batemans Bay Parish in the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Gouldburn in Australia, says where there is unity there is God's blessing.

Fr Lambert made this statement during the formal signing of an agreement to forge a link between the Parish of Batemans Bay and All Saints Parish of the Diocese of Central Melanesia in Honiara on Wendnesday this week.

He said the partnership is a manifestation of the unity and God?s love and blessings for the two parishes.

"We look forward to supporting the Parish of All Saints in a number of ways. We hope to sponsor students for theological studies either locally or overseas in 2008 as well as assisting in scholarships that will be administered by the existence of the partnership."

This assistance, he said, would be in the form and shape to be determined by the two parishes later.

As part of the initiatives under the agreement, a small group of ministry leaders from All Saints Parish will be travelling to Batemans Bay Parish in Canberra in March next year to share their area of ministry.

This will then be reciprocated later by a visit of young people of Australia to the Parish of All Saints with the objective of encouraging the faith and commitment of the young people of both parishes. These visits will be sponsored by the host parishes.

Fr Lambert says such visits and exchange programme will further strengthen and grow the companion partnership.

"We are about growing the Kingdom, and this is simply for our children's sake that we are doing this, and we know that we will grow as we come together in building this partnership," he said.

Fr Lambert thanked members of the All Saints Parish for their love, devotion, care and support through their various spiritual and social programmes and activities in Honiara as well as being their host for the last two weeks.

The signing ceremony, which was also a farewell function for the group, saw an exchange of gifts and fellowship they hope will go a long way.

The 17-member team of Batemans Bay Parish leaves for Australia on Friday.