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All Saints Parish Chairlady Mrs Judith Siota signs the contract. Looking on from left to right are Batemans Bay Parish Chairman Mr Dennis Hughes, Batemans Assistant Rector Fr Ian Lambert and All Saints Parish Rector Fr Henry Tupo.
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All Saints Sunday School representative Mrs Tuzakana presents a gift to the youngest members of the Batemans Bay Parish team, Tom Maccallum (centre) and Tom Lewis.
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Young people from Batemans Bay Parish present All Saints Parish Youth Ministry member, Mr Fred Maedola, with a guitar.
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All Saints members put a tradional shell money ornament on Fr Ian Lambert, Assistant Rector of Batemans Bay Parish.
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All Saints Parish Establishes Overseas Partnership
October 18, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] All Saints Parish in Honiara in the Diocese of Central Melanesia has established a sister relationship with the Anglican Parish of Batemans Bay in the Diocese of Canberra and Gouldburn in Australia.

A Contract of Agreement to seal this partnership for the two parishes to journey together as companions in ministry was formally signed by the two parishes at a historical signing ceremony in Honiara on Wednesday night this week.

The signing of the partnership document is an affirmation of the commitment by both parishes as equal partners in mission, and to recognize the potential long-term aspect of this relationship that is sustainable and empowering for both parties.

The two parishes have agreed to develop programmes that will help to build the mission life of each parish. The programmes will initially focus on the development of three areas, namely the training and development of clergy, young people and lay leaders.

The parishes also commit themselves to the development of relationships between members through encouragement of mutual visits between individuals, lay and ordained and related ministry units, and parishes such as the Basement Ministries.

The partnership will initially be for three years but is open to the possibility of an extension beyond that time, provided that a review to be carried out at the end of the contract indicates that this is desirable for both parties.

The partners in the review, in addition to the two parishes, will be the Australian Board of Mission and the Melanesian Board of Mission of the Church of Melanesia.

In recognition of the Diocesan Partnership being established between the Diocese of Isabel and the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn, for a similar period, there will be mutual benefit and further opportunity as visitors at the Diocesan level pass through the two parishes.

The two parishes believe that this partnership is in recognition of one another's faith, hope and love shaped by the redemptive act of God in the dying and rising of Jesus and committed to witnessing and proclaiming the Kingdom of God in their midst.

The historical signing ceremony was witnessed by hundreds of parishioners and members of the Parish of Batemans Bay, who arrived last week to forge that partnership through various spiritual and practical programmes.