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Melanesian Brotherhood Advisor Visits Southern Region
October 16, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] Former Chaplain and Tutor of the Melanesian Brotherhood Fr Brian McDonald Milne said he was happy with the support rendered by Companions for the life and work of the Brothers in the Southern Region of Vanuatu.

In September this year, Fr Brian visited the Region in his capacity as Advisor of the Melanesian Brotherhood, an appointment he has held since 2005, after visits to Brothers and Companions in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. The visits to all three Regions of the Brotherhood were part of his new duties as Advisor.

In Vanuatu, he visited Brothers' Households at Teouma in Port Vila, Luganville on Santo, and the Southern Regional Headquarters and Novitiate at Tumsisiro on Ambae. He had discussions with the Brothers and Novices, especially about their life and work in the future. He also met with fellow Companions at all those places at Lorevilko in the North of Espiritu Santo Island where the Brothers and Companions are developing an area of land to provide support for the Brothers in the future.

A new Household is being established on a hill there overlooking the village, where a new church is being constructed.

Fr Brian preached three times at Tumsisiro, including the Feast days of Bishop Patteson and St Mathew, and once at the Anglican Church at Tagabe, Port Vila. He used to assist the parish priest there when he lived in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, from 1978 to 1980. He was then working for the Pacific Conference of Churches, as a staff member on loan from the Church of Melanesia. He worked in Solomon Islands from 1964 to 1978.

In Luganville, Santo, Fr Brian had discussions with the Bishop of Vanuatu Diocese, Bishop James Ligo, and the Diocesan Secretary about the work of the Brothers. Bishop Ligo is both the Regional Father of the Southern Region and the Section Father of Vanuatu Section.

The Southern Region includes the Diocese of Vanuatu (including New Caledonia), the Diocese of Banks and Torres, and the Diocese of Polynesia (where Bishop Apimeleke Qiliho is responsible for the Companions). From Vanuatu he travelled to the Solomon Islands for the two Great Conferences of the Brotherhood and the Companions in October 2007.

Fr Brian is currently in the Solomon Islands where he will be attending the Melanesian Brothers Great Conference set to start this Friday (19 October) at the MBH Headquarters at Tabalia on west Guadalcanal.