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Sister Kathleen Kapei, newly re-elected as Sister Provincial
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Sisters of the Church re-elect Sister Provincial
September 23, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] Sister Kathleen Kapei has been re-elected to head the Community of the Sisters of the Church as the Sister Provincial for the next three years.

Sister Kapei, 38, will now be serving her second consecutive term, following the announcement and endorsement of her election in September by the Sisters' Mother House in England.

Under the Sisters' constitution, all Sisters of the Community participate in the nominations and voting at the provincial level (Province of Solomon Islands). The votes are sent to England where they are counted, after which the Mother Superior announces the result. Three other Sisters were also nominated for the Community's top post.

Following the announcement, Sr Kapei said she was looking forward to more challenges of community service in the next three years.

Sr Kapei said the Community was growing, and so was the ministry it engages in, especially in education, primary evangelism, and social care of various kinds, particularly with women and children. She said she hoped to see more work put into these areas in order to fulfil their mandate of service in the church.

Sister Kapei, who hails from Lord Howe, has served in the Community for fifteen years. Apart from serving at the Community's headquarters on Guadalcanal she also spent time at Malaita and the Patteson House in Honiara.

She was inducted as a life-professed Sister in 2000 and was first elected to the head the community in 2004.

Her blessing is scheduled for October 13 at the Sisters' headquarters at TNK on Guadalcanal.