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Conference delegates.
Seated in the centre are the diocesan bishop, Bishop Terry Brown, and the senior priest, Fr Barnabas Maelanga.
Picture by James Kwaibua
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DOY and Canberra Diocese establish formal relations
April 30, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] The Right Reverend Bishop Allan Ewing, Assistant Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn in Australia, recently visited the Diocese of Ysabel in Solomon Islands to formally establish partnership between the two Dioceses.

Fr Ian Lambert, Rector of Baitsman Bay Parish in Australia, accompanied Bishop Ewing on the week-long visit from 29th March to 2nd April 2007.

Speaking after the signing of the partnership agreement, the Rt Rev Richard Naramana, Bishop of the Diocese of Ysabel, described it as the beginning of new journey that would help his Diocese move forward together with the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn.

He said that the forging of the new partnership brought hopes that there would be more programmes for the two dioceses in terms of mission and ministry as well as social exchange programmes. 'We rejoice and thank God for making this new venture a reality,' he said.

Bishop Ewing summed it all up by saying, 'we come to build good friendship together and to build your future with you'. He described his tour to the Diocese as very fruitful and successful.

Bishop Ewing was able to visit various places in the Diocese, including the Tasia Lay Ministry Training Centre, Garanga Vocational Training Centre, the Diocesian Farm, also on Garanga, and the Melanesian Brotherhood Welchman Section Household at Sosoilo.

In honouring the visit, the Bishop was asked to celebrate and preach on Palm Sunday at St. Paul's Church, Buala.

The Diocese of Ysabel is one of the largest Dioceses in the Anglican Church of Melanesia, covering Ysabel province, part of Central province, Western and Choiseul provinces, with close to 30 000 communicants.

The visit was the first of its kind ever since Ysabel became an independent Diocese more than 30 years ago.