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Arekwa delegates urged to adopt three-self principles
April 30, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] Senior Bishop and Bishop of the Diocese of Malaita the Right Reverend Dr. Terry Brown told delegates of the Arekwa Regional Conference on Malaita that the Church should move from dependency to the three-self principles of self-government, self-propagation and self-support.

In his keynote address to open the eighth Regional Conference at Hauhui village, West AreAre recently, Bishop Terry said that one of the priorities the region needed to work on was to strengthen Christian and in particular Anglican commitment in the face of many challenges, especially in terms of wealth building and materialism.

He said Christian commitment and Christian lifestyle were more important than outward physical signs such as new church buildings, projects, canoes, institutions and wealth.

Bishop Terry challenged the conference delegates to re-look into their mission priorities and strategies for the next ten years. They needed to think deeply about the work of missionary catechists; how to involve the whole people of God in the ministry and mission of the Church, and how to sustain the new Anglican villages without making them dependent on hand-outs.

He also called on them to live in a Christian relationship with the environment, especially the forests; to be stewards of that environment and to advocate the right kind of development.

Bishop Terry told the delegates that as Christians, they had many things to offer, including a Christianity that is both Biblical and Catholic with beautiful and theologically sound liturgy, and a critical engagement with traditional culture, committed to education and personal growth, and preparing people to face the complexities of the modern world with confidence.

The conference brought together some 40 delegates from the seven AreAre and Kwaio parishes of the Diocese, as well as heads of ministries and the Melanesian Brothers working in the Region.

A large number of observers from Rua'ahuia Parish and around the Region also attended.

One full day of the conference was given to a workshop on administration and finance for the regional delegates, including parish and ministry report presentation.

The conference ended on Friday afternoon, April 20th 2007.