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Members of the Mothers Union Diocesan Council of Ysabekl Diocese.
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Ysabel MU Calls for greater recognition
April 19, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] Diocesian Council of the Ysabel Mothers Union calls for a much greater recognition in decision making processes when it comes to exploitation of their natural resources.

Following their first Council meeting under the leadership of Mrs. Doreen Ata the Mothers Union appealed to their political and traditional leaders to recognize their rights to ownership of their natural resources be acknowledged.

They felt that their traditional role as equal partners in decision making be recognized by including them in negotiations, agreements, signing of memorandum of understanding (MOU) and other important decisions with respect to exploitation of their natural resources that have been central to their livelihood for many years.

They made this call knowing fully well that their customs and tradition in a matrilineal society that they are the rightful custodians of the natural resources including land.

They said in the past women were traditionally decision makers but if this is not upheld and given the due recognition today the potential for conflict and destruction of these human values to exploit natural resources unsustainably would diminish.

The decision made at the Council level was to pave a way for a better life and environment for God?s people on the Ysabel.

The Diocesian Council was held on 16th to 18 March 2007 and Jejevo.