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The newly constructed classroom and dormitory block at Tasia.
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Tasia Training Centre to open for training soon
April 19, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] With a strong leadership and vision of the head of the Anglican Church in Ysabel there is much optimism that the Diocessian owned and run Tasia Lay Ministry training centre is to be re-opened by the middle of this year for trainings, conferences, retreats and short term ministry courses.

Diocesian Bishop the Right Reverend Richard Naramana who closed the Centre in 2004 due to poor condition of the facilities is hoping to get the centre up and running by June when the new dormitory and classroom building currently under construction is completed.

Bishop Naramana who also supervised the work himself said the Centre is given a revamp in two phases.

The first phase includes the classroom and dormitory as well as an ablution block to be built right next to it while the second phase involves the renovation of existing buildings like the dining hall, staff houses and other classroom buildings.

Most of the buildings have been there since the school was built in the 1950?s when Tasia was a girl?s school

He said training programmes will be normalized in due course and he is optimistic about the growth and development of the Centre in terms of infrastructure and the range of courses its offering.

The Bishop said this is just what they needed to prepare for village priest training in certificate level.

When the Centre was closed four years ago the ministry training programmes were taken right down to the communities by staff.

Tasia was turned into a Ministry Training Centre in 2000 following the relocation of the Vocational School that used to be there.

The vocational centre was moved to Garanga about ten kilometers further west of Tasia.

That move was also pioneered by Bishop Naramana.