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Unified Syllabus needed for ministry training
April 6, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] A core curriculum suitable for teaching across the training centres with specific subjects for catechists needs to be developed.

This was among recommendations of a review of Ministry Training Centres in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu that the Church is challenged to take on this year.

It said where possible this syllabus and curriculum should build on existing work, be adaptable for each of the training centres and bridge into the theology training at Bishop Patteson Theological College in Solomon Islands and Talua Presbyterian College in Vanuatu.

In developing these materials it should be taken into consideration that its core components must also be relevant for the four religious orders namely the Melanesian Brotherhood, Sisters of the Church, Sisters of Melanesia and the Franciscan Brothers.

The old teaching materials is quite contracted in scope therefore new materials needs to be broadened to include subjects that cover knowledge and practical skills around how best to work with families, communities and organizations, and how to deal with a range of social issues.

It said it should also include training module on ethical leadership.

Use of the two manuals designed and currently used by the Inclusive Communities Programme in Solomon Islands called “Participatory Community Management” and Participatory Community and Social Development” is one way of broadening materials that they have available in the Centres.

It was also suggested that regular workshops be organized to draw lessons from each other and discuss issues such as women’s involvement in training and theology, exchange programmes and resources sharing.

Accreditation is also important hence, it should also form part of the consideration in the entire process of developing the training materials.