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COM schools academic results commendable
April 6, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] Dedication, commitment, hardwork and sacrifice of the Church of Melanesia teachers and students to their academic work has paid off with excellent results in the last academic year 2006.

Education Secretary of the Church of Melanesia Mr. Moffat Wasuka applauded the results saying COM schools both primary and secondary have performed exceptionally well.

He said there is an insurmountable improvement among Church schools in all four national transitional examinations namely the Class 6 Solomon Islands School Exams (SISE), the Form 3 Exams, the Form 5 Solomon Islands Schools Certificate (SISC) and the regional Form 6 Pacific Islands Schools Certificate (PSSC) examination.

In the Form 6 PSSC results, Selwyn College was ranked first among the 20 schools in the country with a transition rate of 70 percent ahead of the next school which has scored a 54 percent rating.

St. Stephens High School Pamua on Makira and St. Nicholas High School in Honiara got 24% each placing them among the top ten schools in the country.

For the form 5 results, the same schools also did extremely well achieving very good passes. Selwyn College got a 90% transition rate while St Nicholas scored 47%, Charles Elliot Fox 41% and Pamua 27%.

While Charles Elliot Fox High School is yet to have a Form 6, all three schools have retained not less than 40% of their passes in their respective schools except Pamua which registered 36.8%. This low retention rate for all schools is due to space limitation coupled with the intake of external students with higher or equivalent grades.

In Form 3, all schools recorded high scores with a retention rate of 54 and 51 percent for Charles Elliot Fox and Selwyn College respectively while St Nicholas retains 30% and Pamua 11%.

Of these results, one Selwyn College Form 3 student did very well by scoring a 100% pass in the English subject a feat rarely attained in schools in the past.

In the primary sector, St. Nicholas has opened a new page with a 100% score for 7 of its standard 6 pupils in English while 1 each in Mathematics and General Paper repeated the same score. The other Church primary schools also record good passes

Mr. Wasuka attributed the soaring performance of these church schools to the teachers who have unwaveringly set themselves into ensuring that students are given the best possible assistance they need from them.

He also acknowledged their understanding and positive attitude towards their duty by not taking part in industrial actions which was a recurring problem last year.

These actions he said can have a negative impact on the students learning in schools.

Mr. Wasuka is optimistic that these good results will be further maintained and improved in the years to come.