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MBM restructured for effective mission
April 6, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] The Melanesian Board of Mission within the Anglican Church of Melanesiaís provincial headquarters in Solomon Islands is anticipating an improved coordination and work relationship across the department and down to the dioceses and the provincial institutions under a new structure implemented this year.

The department was restructured to give it a new face that could be able to reflect and fulfill Godís purpose for the department in the ministry and mission of the Church.

It was felt that the MBM was not being able to meet the expectations of the dioceses in certain areas and consideration and that it should look into addressing specific issues such as environment, ecumenism and interfaith.

The Taskforce Committee that carried out a review and recommended a change concluded that the previous structure was too large and in need of tight management and team building.

Under the new structure the department is divided into three units in order to reduce the management load hence manages down more strongly so that everyone can more effectively do their mission.

The units are Faith and Church Renewal, Social and Community Development and Program Support who are directly accountable to the Melanesian Board of Mission.

A fourth group of organization and orders that have their own management structures and accountability but receive funding and support from MBM are grouped together under the Religious Orders and Mission Agencies.

This includes the four Religious Communities (Melanesian Brotherhood, Community of the Sisters of Melanesia, Community of the Sisters of the Church and the Society of St. Francis), the Mothers Union and the Christian Care Centre run by the Sisters.

The two roles that remain by themselves are the MBM Accounts which fits within the Finance and Administration department and a proposed Mission Worker for Vanuatu whose role will be to further support mission work in the two dioceses there.

The Commission for Liturgy, Worship and Doctrine will work independently but is administratively accountable to the Melanesian Board of Mission.

The review report was endorsed by the Executive Council in November last year and implemented this year.