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Selwyn College to re-introduce Junior Forms in 2007
January 10, 2007

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] The Church of Melanesia's leading Secondary School Selwyn College is re-introducing Junior Forms this year 2007.

In 2005, junior forms were phased out to allow Selwyn to be a senior college to support intakes from Community High Schools that were sprouting around the country.

However, outcomes were those not anticipated by the school hence the School Board and the Church of Melanesia Education Authority approved the reintroduction of Junior Forms.

Principle Mr. Thomas Rajan said the gradual phasing out of Junior Forms (1-3) in 2005 drastically reduced the school roll to 339 from more than 400 students which means there is a reduction in their coffers through school fees. The decreased number on the roll also affected the amount on grants from the European Union and the Solomon Islands Government.

He said the daily running costs like fuel for generator, truck expenses, ancillary staff payment and other sundry expenses does not really affect the finance regardless of the number of students except for food supplies.

In addition to that, the phasing out of junior forms greatly affected the workforce and also affected the discipline of the school.

Mr. Rajan said the school realized the importance of having students joined in Form 1 to continue till Form 7 so that they could be molded in the right direction upholding the three principles of the late Bishop Selwyn; True Religion, Sound Learning and Useful Industry.

A student who is joining the school in Form 1 may find easy to adjust with the practice of the school within a couple of years and would be more adaptable, tolerant, obedient and honest to the school by the time he/she graduate from school and would become disciplined and productive citizens.

He reiterated the importance of this by reflecting on the history of the school in producing leaders of this country at all levels of the society for the past years.

Mr. Rajan said, academically Selwyn College maintains its reputation by scoring grades that are better each passing year.

The reintroduction of Junior Forms will continue to enhance both the school in terms of development and the students academically.