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Scenes from the Diocesan Youth Committee’s Christmas Concert
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Starry Starry Night
by Vivian Dinan
MAUEN 051219-1
December 19, 2005

[Diocese of Mauritius - Indian Ocean] In the context of the celebration of its tenth anniversary, the DYC (Diocesan Youth Committee) gave a Christmas concert, named Starry, Starry Night.

This event took place on Saturday 10 December 2005 at St André church in Quatre Bornes. The good audience present really appreciated the concert which was of high standard.

Kevin David, the Diocesan Youth Worker and his team made a real effort in order to set up a show of good quality. The program offered: choir’s songs, solos and trios songs, dances by the Red Letter Studio of the Art, songs by the ladies of Mother’s Union, etc.

The musical part was conducted by the Diocese Worship Band whereas the sound system was professionally run by Mr Gérard Bussoa. The event designer was Mr Bernard Thomas and his wife, Karen, designed the decor. Young Miss Florence Thomas acted as Mistress of Ceremony.

It is to be noted that large excerpts of this concert will be aired on National Radio on Wednesday 21 December 2005 during the program Paroles sous les Tropiques (a monthly radio program of the Anglican Diocese of Mauritius).