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Bazaar scenes, above and below.
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Lunch time
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Bishop’s Bazaar
by Vivian Dinan
MAUEN 051216-1
December 16, 2005

[Diocese of Mauritius - Indian Ocean] The Bishop’s Bazaar, one of the most important annual events of the Diocese, was held on Sunday 4 December 2005.

As usual St Andrew’s College hosted this activity. It started with the celebration of Eucharist, presided over by the Venerable James Wong, who was accompanied by members of the clergy. The Bishop’s Bazaar is held each year to raise funds for the St Hugh’s Anglican Home.

Around 20 stands were set up at the Bishop’s Bazaar this year. These stands offered a variety of items for sale. One could find books, shoes or even clothes to buy. Over and above all these, one should not forget the traditional ‘Corbeilles ménagères’. The catering at this Bishop’s Bazaar looked appetizing too. The visitors could choose among several cuisines: Chinese, Creole, Indian or Muslim.

The entertainment was provided mainly by the different groups of the Diocese. The guest artists who performed at Bishop’s Bazaar 2005 were those of Atelier Pierre Poivre.