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Kathy Dinan presenting the topic 'Communication' during the DLV visit at St. Andrews College.
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Around forty students attended the session on 'Family Values' at St Andrews College.
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Pierre and Doris Sénèque presenting the subject "Rights & Duties in the family" to the students at St Andrews College.
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Fifteenth Anniversary Of ‘Decouvrons La Vie’
by Vivian Dinan
MAUEN 050908-1
September 8, 2005

[Diocese of Mauritius - Indian Ocean] ‘Découvrons la Vie’, the diocesan organisation responsible for the equipping of fiancés for marriage life, celebrated from 31 August to 03 September 2005 its fifteenth anniversary.

It was in 1990 that this organization was officially launched in the Anglican diocese, with Rev Ian Ernest as chaplain. The team of presenters at that time was composed of Mothers’ Union members and their husbands, namely Pierre and Doris Sénèque, Karl and Maud Patten, Tristan and Solange Sénèque and Gaby and Maud Sookun.

We note that although ‘Découvrons la Vie’ works in collaboration with Mothers’ Union, it is autonomous. Since Sunday 28 August these two organizations share the same premises on the first floor of Holy Trinity Church hall in Rose Hill.

In the context of this fifteenth anniversary, a forum/debate, on the theme ‘Family’ was organized at the Diocesan Training Center in Curepipe on the 31 August 2005. The speakers were Mrs Monique Dinan and Pastor David White, whereas Bishop Ian Ernest was the moderator.

The team of ‘Découvrons la Vie’ went the next day at the St Andrews College in Rose Hill to share with the students on the theme ‘Family Values’. Pierre and Doris Sénèque and Vivian and Kathy Dinan were the speakers. Not less than forty students attended this activity.

To end this fifteenth anniversary, a Eucharistic Celebration was held at Holy Trinity Church in Rose Hill on Saturday 03 September 2005. Bishop Ian Ernest, Venerable James Wong and Revd Michael Chuttooa officiated at this celebration, during which a commemorative souvenir was presented to those who started the project.