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Members of Mothers' Union proud of their newly opened headquarters.
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Mrs Maud Patten, Provincial Chairwoman, proceeding with the opening of the Mothers' Union House under the eyes of Bishop Ian Ernest and Venerable James Wong.
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Mothers’ Union New Headquarters
by Vivian Dinan
MAUEN 050831-1
August 31, 2005

[Diocese of Mauritius - Indian Ocean] The Mauritian branch of Mothers’ Union has its new headquarters since Sunday 28 August 2005. It is situated on the first floor of Holy Trinity parish’s hall, in Rose Hill.

The launching of the new MU premises took place after a thanksgiving ceremony held at Holy Trinity Church. Mrs Maud Patten, provincial Chairwoman of the Mothers’ Union, proceeded with the opening of the headquarters, which will be known as the Mothers’ Union House.

It is to be noted that this activity took place in the presence of Rt Revd Ian Ernest, Bishop of Mauritius, Venerable James Wong, Diocesan Archdeacon, Mrs Kamla Ernest, Chairwoman of the Mauritian branch of Mothers’ Union, members of the clergy and parishioners.

Several activities, like the project “Support Families in Distress,” will be set up at the Mothers’ Union House. These will be organized in collaboration with MU branches from different parishes.