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Dancers from the Red Letter Studio of the Arts
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The voices of the Worship Band.
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More than one have been moved by the performance of the little ones of the dance class of the Red Letter Studio of the Arts during this afternoon.
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The Diocesan Youth Coordinator, Kevin David, sharing with the crowd his six months training experience at the College of Transfiguration of Grahamstown in South Africa.
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Jam Livíz Or The Meeting Of The Youth!
MAUEN 050731-1
July 31, 2005

[Diocese of Mauritius - Indian Ocean] On Sunday 31 July 05, the Diocesan Committee for the Youth, organized a meeting, called JAM LIVíZ, at the St Andrews Church, in Quatre Bornes.

The aim of this meeting was two fold. First it was set up to welcome Kevin David, the Diocesan Youth Coordinator, who was back in Mauritius after having been on a six months training and experience programme at the College of Transfiguration of Grahamstown, in South Africa.

Also welcomed at this meeting were the two girls in charge of the Red Letter Studio of the Arts of the Diocese, Sophie Pellegrin and Davina Appapoulay, who were back from a one-month training course at the Creare Ministries International of South Africa.

The other aim of this meeting was to demonstrate that the youth of the Anglican Diocese is still alive. The lively atmosphere and the crowd present contributed to the success of this afternoon, even though the weather was quite cold.

The programme included testimonies from the three who came back from South Africa, songs, dances, the presentation of certificates to the students of the Red Letter Studio of the Arts, and a quiz. The Diocese Worship Band conducted the musical part of this youth gathering.