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(Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean)
Catholics And Anglicans Meet To Discuss New Challenges
by Vivian Dinan
MAUEN 050531-1
May 31, 2005

[Diocese of Mauritius - Indian Ocean] The Training Centre for Ministries and Community Development of the Anglican Diocese, based in Curepipe, hosted a one-day seminar Tuesday last.

The Director of the Centre, Rev. Canon Brian Marajh, was very happy and proud of the response to his invitation. He declared: “I feel really happy and proud to-day that we have been able to gather around the table priests from both the catholic and Anglican Dioceses in order to discuss various important issues”.

This seminar was attended by more than 25 clergymen of both sides, among which we noted the presence of Bishop Maurice Piat of the Catholic Diocese and Bishop Ian Ernest of the Anglican Diocese.

The theme of the seminar was “Facing New Challenges in Ministry”. The facilitator was Father Philippe Goupille and the moderator was the Director of the Centre.

Among the topics discussed we noted one of extreme importance in the present context: “The Church and Politics”. Those present recognized that sometimes conflicts between Church and State can mean progress for society.

The clergymen present also pointed out that the church has the responsibility to promote values such as Social Justice, the Nation’s common welfare and the defense of life. Another interesting topic was “The Church and Family Life”.

At the end of the seminar all participants agreed that such meeting should take place more frequently.