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Anglican Press Online distributed by the
Diocese of Mauritius
(Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean)
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Appeal from the Bishop of Mauritius ...as Archdeacon Stenio Andre and Archbishop the Most Rev Ian Ernest visited the devastated families who lost their belongings due to the Flash Floods which devastated the City of Port Louis and ...11 persons were killed in Mauritius due to heavy flooding on the 30 of March 2013 ... the Eastertide Saturday celebration .
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April 1, 2013

[Diocese of Mauritius - Indian Ocean] Subject: 11 persons killed in Mauritius due to heavy flooding on the 30 of March

The Island of Mauritius which forms part of the Province of the Indian Ocean has suffered heavy losses following the heavy floods which hit us on the 30 of March 2013. 11 persons have lost their lives. This morning together with the Archdeacon I visited the suburbs of our city Port Louis which have been severely damaged by the floods. Several families have lost everything and in a specific area several houses have been overflowed by mud. There is lot of distress around. But it is noted that there is a great movement of solidarity in the nation and we are doing our best to remedy the situation.

An urgent meeting is being held tomorrow in the diocese as today is being observed as a national day of mourning. Anglicare, the social arm of our diocese is working on a plan of action.

We ask for the prayers and the support of our brothers and sisters of the Anglican Communion.

With my gratitude

Archbishop Ian Ernest
Diocese of Mauritius

+Ian Ernest