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(Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean)
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Rev Alan Lukabyo from the Diocese of Sydney arrived in Mauritius in connection with a Preaching Course . Rev M Chuttooa the Interim Director of the Diocesan Training Centre organised a special meeting with the Clergy at the Diocesan Church House in Vacoas on 8 Nov 2012.
MAUEN 121108-1
November 8, 2012

[Diocese of Mauritius - Indian Ocean] Exo 1:17 But the midwives were God-fearing and so did not obey the king; instead, they let the boys live.
Exo 1:18 So the king sent for the midwives and asked them, "Why are you doing this? Why are you letting the boys live?"
Exo 1:19 They answered, "The Hebrew women are not like Egyptian women; they give birth easily, and their babies are born before either of us gets there."
Exo 1:20 Because the midwives were God-fearing, God was good to them and gave them families of their own. And the Israelites continued to increase and become strong.
Exo 1:21 (SEE 1:20)
Exo 1:22 Finally the king issued a command to all his people: "Take every newborn Hebrew boy and throw him into the Nile, but let all the girls live."