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St Luke's Church Souillac near the Telfair exotic gardens , celebrated its Patronal Festival on 21 Oct 2012 and Rev Canon Samitiana helped by Layreader Maud Patten found a fully packed Church with guests for the event . A Food Fair then rejoiced the Congregation after the service . ( FOOD FAIR EVENT )
MAUEN 121023-1
October 23, 2012

[Diocese of Mauritius - Indian Ocean] Isa 1:18 The LORD says, "Now, let's settle the matter. You are stained red with sin, but I will wash you as clean as snow. Although your stains are deep red, you will be as white as wool.
Isa 1:19 If you will only obey me, you will eat the good things the land produces.
Isa 1:20 But if you defy me, you are doomed to die. I, the LORD, have spoken."
Isa 1:21 The city that once was faithful is behaving like a whore! At one time it was filled with righteous people, but now only murderers remain.
Isa 1:22 Jerusalem, you were once like silver, but now you are worthless; you were like good wine, but now you are only water.
Isa 1:23 Your leaders are rebels and friends of thieves; they are always accepting gifts and bribes. They never defend orphans in court or listen when widows present their case.
Isa 1:24 So now, listen to what the LORD Almighty, Israel's powerful God, is saying: "I will take revenge on you, my enemies, and you will cause me no more trouble.
Isa 1:25 I will take action against you. I will purify you the way metal is refined, and will remove all your impurity.
Isa 1:26 I will give you rulers and advisers like those you had long ago. Then Jerusalem will be called the righteous, faithful city."
Isa 1:27 Because the LORD is righteous, he will save Jerusalem and everyone there who repents.
Isa 1:28 But he will crush everyone who sins and rebels against him; he will kill everyone who forsakes him.
Isa 1:29 You will be sorry that you ever worshiped trees and planted sacred gardens.
Isa 1:30 You will wither like a dying oak, like a garden that no one waters.
Isa 1:31 Just as straw is set on fire by a spark, so powerful people will be destroyed by their own evil deeds, and no one will be able to stop the destruction.