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(Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean)
Message from Archbishop Ian Ernest , Bishop of the Diocese of Mauritius as we launch the Diocesan initiative " Back to Church on Sunday " on 30th Oct 2011.
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October 29, 2011

[Diocese of Mauritius - Indian Ocean]  
​30 October 2011
Message from Archbishop Ian Ernest, Bishop of the Diocese as we launch the Diocesan initiative “Back to Church on Sunday”
As disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are stewards of his property, his creation, his people and his mission. I am therefore thrilled that the Diocesan Department of Mission and Evangelisation and the Diocesan Training Centre have set up a vision and have encouraged all the parishes of the Diocese to reach out to those who are yet to acquire full membership to Church Life.
This mission strategy known as “Back to Church on Sunday” is also being adopted in many dioceses and provinces of the Anglican Communion. It is thus good that we as a diocese be fully committed to encourage those who are lukewarm in their responsibility as practising Christians to realise the grace that is received when one fully accepts to be part of God’s Kingdom.
The church is called to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and it is expected to adjust its priorities to reflect the emphasis made by our Lord Jesus. We are commended to reach out to others! It is within the reaching out, the doing and the going that God judges the faithfulness of his people.
The action belongs to all of us as a diocese, this action for which Christ calls is far more demanding that gaining a man, a woman or a child to the kingdom through their repentance and acceptance of the Gospel. It involves discipleship. A church which makes discipleship a priority for each believer can be of a great impact if the equipping of its people is part of its plan of action.  It is similar to the difference between training someone for a temporary position and training someone for a full time career.  The commitment level of learning and performance is clearly defined in each situation. The acceptance of Christ is a full time, life long commitment. Christ expects boldness and obedience from his disciples.
​    -2-
Back to Church on Sunday, comes as our response to empower our people to become disciples of Christ. So, I do hope that this event being held today, the 30th of October 2011 will be the first of a series of activities which aims at mobilising our people to set their hearts to be attentive to this life-changing experience that one obtains by accepting God’s Love as revealed by Jesus Christ and sustained by the work of the Holy Spirit.
Be assured of my unfailing support and of my prayers as you are all involved in “enlarging the space of the tent”
With every blessing
Archbishop Ian Ernest
Bishop of Mauritius