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NSKK NEWSLETTER distributed by
The Nippon Sei Ko Kai
(Anglican Episcopal Church in Japan)
NSKK Newsletter
JAPAN 100320-1
March 20, 2010

[The Nippon Sei Ko Kai - Japan] Nippon Sei Ko Kai (NSKK) celebrated the 150th Anniversary Eucharist

In 1859 Channing Moore Williams, a missionary from the USA, who went on to become a Bishop, made the first step towards the creation of an Anglican mission in Nagasaki, Japan. NSKK celebrated this mission as the 150th anniversary of the Anglican/Episcopal Mission in Japan.

On the 23rd September 2009, a glorious Anniversary Eucharist of thanksgiving was held at St. Mary’s Cathedral (Roman Catholic) Tokyo. The Anniversary Eucharist was attended by more than 3,000 people, well ahead of our expectations, and included clergy and laity from the 11 Dioceses in Japan in addition to overseas visitors.

The Primate of NSKK, the Rt. Revd Nathaniel Makoto Uematsu, was chief celebrant, and the Most Revd Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury preached the sermon, earnestly addressing the congregation.

The Eucharist was so overwhelming filled with the Holy Spirit with the congregation feeling it in their hearts. The words of Jesus “Push the boat out further to the deep water, and you and your partners let down your nets for a catch” (Luke 5:4) was firmly implanted in their minds. NSKK has taken a new step towards another mission from the 150th anniversary.

Prior to the Anniversary Eucharist, commemorative events under the banner “Everyone Get Together!” were held on the 22nd September at St. Paul’s (Rikkyo) University. The program included:
(1) Symposium “Peace in the East-South Asia and the Role of the Anglican Communion”:
The Rt. Revd. Keum Sang Kim from the Diocese of Seoul, the Rt. Revd Joel A. Pachao from the Diocese of North Central Philippines and the Rt. Revd Shoji Tani, Bishop of Okinawa discussed how to implement peace in Asian countries.

(2) Dialogue between the Archbishop of Canterbury and young Japanese laity:
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, earnestly encouraged young Japanese laity to follow Christ’s leadership and become leaders of world peace.

(3) Evening Prayer: Tucker Hall, St. Paul’s (Rikkyo) University on the 22nd September:
The Most Revd Dr. Katherine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of America, preached quietly but with deep impact to the congregation about the role of NSKK and the responsibilities to be assumed going forwards, referring to the various missionaries who had made history with the Anglican mission in NSKK.

The Celebration of the NSKK 150th Anniversary was also attended by a number of members from overseas Anglican Communities, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, South-East Asian countries, Myanmar and Korea; representatives from various Anglican organizations (USPG, CMS, WCC, CCA, ACO); as well as various ecumenical groups within Japan.

I report here above of this joyous Celebration of the NSKK’s 150th Anniversary with sincere gratitude. I strongly realize that each and everyone of the attendants offered the same prayers at the same place, in which tight unity in the presence of our Lord Jesus was achieved.
(Hajime Suzuki, Chief Editor)

The collection from the Aniversary Eucharist celebrating 150 years of the NSKK has been offered to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Discretionary Fund.

The memorial service celebrating the 150th anniversary of NSKK was held on September 23, 2009 and the collection from this service totaled ¥2,467,666 and has been presented to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Discretionary Fund. This fund is at the discretionary powers of the Archbishop for supporting Anglican churches in need, and at present in dire need of additional funding. As such the NSKK decided to present the collection from the memorial service to this Fund.

The Rev. Ichiro Shibusawa was inaugurated as the Bishop of the Chubu Diocese of NSKK.

The Rev. Peter Ichiro Shibusawa was inaugurated as the Bishop of the Chubu Diocese of NSKK. The inauguration ceremony and in institution for the Bishop of the Chubu Diocese was administrated at the Nagoya St. Matthew’s Cathedral, Nagoya.

NSKK Cooperative Project for Heavily Indebted Developing Countries

------ Update on 3 projects through 2003 to 2008----------

The Lambeth Conference in 1998 passed a resolution to cutback the debt of heavily indebted developing countries.
NSKK reacted to this resolution and as per The General Synod of 2000 set up ‘The Development Fund for heavily indebted developing Countries.’ NSKK promoted the following 3 projects from this fund from 2003 through 2008 completing the support at the end of 2008.
Here are the summary reports of these projects:

-1. Support local activities for the eradication of HIV/AIDS, in the Highveld Diocese of South Africa.
2003 to 2007: US$50,000 (¥5,533,000 equivalent)
-2. Medical support work for the KIWOKO Hospital, Uganda, Africa.
2004 to 2008: US$50,000 (¥5,531,000 equivalent)
-3. Support the establishment and operations of the ‘Daniel Integrated Farming Training Center,’ in the Toungoo Diocese in The Church of the Province of Myanmar. 2004 to 2008: €33,587 (¥5,000,000 equivalent)

The purpose of this support was to create an environment with all the necessary equipment in order for the projects to operate independently.
To ensure the projects would continue to move forwards support was given to develop the people, provide facilities, strengthen management capability and equip them with a micro financing system among other activities.
NSKK received the following summaries reports:

1. Support for the eradication of HIV/AIDS in the Highveld Diocese
The Diocese of Highveld is located to the east of Johannesburg, the capital South Africa. The population is about 3.5 million, and 80% of the total area is considered agricultural. The problems that need to be addressed include HIV/AIDS, the high rate of unemployment, poverty, school attendance, health and sanitation and housing problems. Some areas have HIV/AIDS infection rates of 56% which is considered extremely high.
The most important tasks for the Diocese include:
(1) Medical treatment infected patients.
(2) Educating the youth.
(3) Securing income opportunities for HIV/AIDS patients.
(4) Education opportunities for HIV/AIDS infected children.
(5) Improved treatment methods.
(6) Training for the clergy and lay persons to address the spiritual problems of patients.
In order to address these issues they formed “Individual Area Medical Projects” in both in the farming villages and cities to promote home medical treatment. They have also seen results from the strengthened support system for orphaned and children with mental health issues.

2. Support activities for KIWOKO Hospital in Uganda
Kiwoko Hospital is located in remote rural area of Uganda. The area where the Hospital is situated has extremely high poverty in addition to a high HIV infection rates. What started as a small clinic now annually treats 22,000 outpatients and 6,000 inpatients and is a large hospital.
The NSKK Fund was used as follows:
*To purchase medicine
*Consultation for patients at Kiwoko Hospital
*Testing for children who have at least one HIV positive parent.
*The purchase and maintenance costs of a car to provide home care for patients.

3. DIFTC Project Support Activity in Myanmar
DIFTC (Daniel Integrated Farming Training Center) is located in Loikoaw, 390km from Yangon, the capital of Myanmar.
It was established to not only train clergy and lay person from the Church of the Province of Myanmar, but also rural community members to become leaders who would return to their rural areas and develop the farmers, thereby improving the standard of living for the entire community.
DIFTC is located on 40 acres of land, including a 360 building with lodging rooms, a library and computer rooms, a pond for fish cultivation and a field for practical on the job training. A Church, daycare center and dormitories are also located on the 40 acres.
These buildings were completed in October 2005 with the inauguration ceremony performed by The Bishop of the Diocese. From 2006 until 2008 98 leaders have graduated from this program.
The NSKK Fund was used for the building of the Center in addition to the ongoing operating expenses of the program.

For the relief and reconstruction efforts for the victims of continuously occurring Natural Disasters:
• NSKK continues to send offerings to those in the affected areas

On January 12, 2010 near the capital of Haiti, Port au Prince, a devastating earthquake occurred that claimed the lives of over 200,000 people and impacted more than 3,000,000 people.
15 years ago, Japan was on the receiving end of aid from numerous countries in support of the January 17 2005, Hanshin Awaji earthquake, which centered on the city of Kobe, killing 6432 people and burning 118,000 homes.
The devastation of the Haiti earthquake immediately brought back memories of the horrific Hanshin Awaji earthquake and as such NSKK decided to immediately donate ¥500,000 to Haiti through the American Episcopalian Church’s Relief and Development Fund. In addition, through the 11 Dioceses of NSKK, each church will be asked to collect donations which will also be sent to Haiti through this same American Episcopalian Church’s Relief and Development Fund. The current deadline for donations is the end of February 2010.

In addition we cannot help but think the earth the suffering. In 2009 there were continuous natural disasters throughout the Asian region, and NSKK donated as follows. These monies were collected from individual churches in addition to funds from the Provincial Emergency Disaster Support Fund. We continue to pray for the peace of those in the devastated areas.

• August 2009: Taiwan Typhoon and Floods ¥161,154 to the Taiwanese Anglican Church
• September 2009: Philippine Typhoon and Floods ¥769,273 to the Filipino Anglican Church
• September 2009: Samoa Islands Typhoon and Tsunami ¥865,609 through the Anglican Church of Australia
• September 2009: Sumatra Earthquake ¥707,624 through the WCRP/NCC

We have received letters confirming the donations from the affected areas and thanking us for our support.

Members of the English Version of NSKK Newsletter, March 2010 are: as follows:
Ms. Kazuko Takeda, Ms Toshiko Yoshimura, Ms. Yasuko Date, Ms. Suzanne Cooper
Editor-in-Chief: Hajime Suzuki