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Anglican Episcopal Church of El Salvador
Archbishop Expresses Solidarity Over Katrina
ELSALEN 050903-1
September 3, 2005

[Anglican Episcopal Church of El Salvador - Central America] The Most Rev'd Martin Barahona, Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Central America and Bishop of El Salvador, has sent a message of solidarity to friends in the United States in response to Hurricane Katrina.

He said in the message:

As Bishop of the Anglican Church of El Salvador, Primate of the Anglican Church of Central America, and Co-President of the Fundación Cristosal, I want to let all of the church in United States and all of our friends to know that we are in solidarity with those who are deeply affected by the Hurricane Katrina.

“Please know that you are in our prayers and in our hearts. We ask God to help you survive this tragedy. We know what it means to suffer, and so we are with you in this difficult time. When we have faith, we always have hope.”