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Mathias Nkurunziza, HIV/AIDS coordinator, helped unload mosquito nets.
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Global South Primates Meet; Mosquito Nets to Combat Malaria; Mothers' Union and National News
EAB PRESS 061011-4
October 11, 2006

EAB Press - October 2006

[EAB Press - Burundi] 


The Most Rev. Bernard Ntahoturi attended the meeting of Global South Primates 19-22nd September in Kigali, Rwanda.

Among the issues discussed were the conflict in Sudan, the current situation in the Anglican Communion, the responses to the Windsor Report by The Episcopal Church at their General Convention, along with on-going challenges such as poverty eradication, HIV/AIDS, peace building, church planting, and theological education.

On his return Archbishop Bernard said, ?While there are differences among us that we must address, it is important that we find ways to move forward together in the work of the Gospel exercising God?s grace and love.?


The Province has gratefully received 16,500 mosquito nets from ERD. They will be distributed in the dioceses of Makamba, Buye, and Muyinga as part of a programme to educate people about malaria and its prevention. Malaria still causes more deaths in Burundi than HIV/AIDS.


On the 7th September a comprehensive ceasefire and peace agreement was signed in Tanzania between the government of Burundi and the Palipehutu-FNL rebel group.

With the prospect of increased security many refugees have been encouraged to return from neighbouring countries where they have been living in camps. This presents a big challenge to the Province as large numbers of people are seeking repatriation but arrive with little or nothing. They require basics such as shelter, blankets, cooking pots and dishes, food, clothes, hoes, soap, salt, and seeds, especially beans.

Pray for their reintegration into communities and the Church.

Pray also for the President and government of Burundi as they seek to deal with issues of corruption and injustice, crime and insecurity, and poverty so that there is political stability and lasting peace.


Claudette Kigeme assisted with a seminar on peace and reconciliation organised by the M.U. in Muyinga diocese. It was the first seminar to be held in the new diocese and brought together representatives from all the parishes.


-- Archbishop Bernard and Rt. Rev. Martin Blaise Nyaboho, Bishop of Makamba, attended the FECCLAHA Executive Committee during September. On his return, Bishop Martin commented that it was good to see positive signs of durable peace in the region.

-- In all the dioceses, hundreds, many of them young people, have been confirmed in recent weeks.

-- Makamba diocese celebrated the ordinations of Charles Niyungeko and Philip Nyandwi as deacons on the 27th August.

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