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Archbishop Lauds Healthcare for Women; Heavy Rains Cause Flooding; Meetings on Sexuality, Youth and Malaria
EAB PRESS 060608-1
June 8, 2006

[EAB Press - Burundi] 

The Country

Maternal care – Archbishop Bernard Ntahoturi congratulated the government on changes made for women that enable them to receive free care in childbirth and for infants under the age of 5 years. This will have an impact on women’s health and reduce maternal and infant mortality in the future.

Rains – Heavy rains during May resulted in flooding and huge damage in certain parts of the country. Many homes, schools, and unroofed churches were destroyed. Crops were ruined. A cemetery was so affected that bodies had to be re-buried.

The Rt. Rev. Martin Nyaboho of Makamba diocese wrote of the situation –

“The expected good harvest will not take place this summer and the people would have to suffer from the famine if organisations such as World Food Programme and others miss to intervene. We call upon our partners to keep us in their daily prayers as we go through this painful situation caused by heavy rains. The negative impact is great.”

Talks – The FNL are currently having peace talks with the government in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.


A seminar was held recently on the subject of dialogue between parents and children on matters of sexuality. It brought together Mothers’ Union workers, M.U.L.D.P., HIV/AIDS coordinators, pastors, and representatives from youth departments. The subject had been identified as an area of difficulty and the seminar was designed to overcome ignorance and fear so that constructive dialogue could be held in families.

Visitors from Lambeth

The visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury last year continues to be followed up through proposed programmes focusing on education, HIV/AIDS, micro-enterprise, and conflict resolution both in Burundi and in the Great Lakes region in association with other agencies. The Province was pleased to welcome Rev. David Peck, Michael Young, and Helen Stawski who are involved in following up these projects.

Conference on Malaria

Mathias Nkurunziza attended a conference in Nairobi for training about malaria. It included looking at the combating of malaria, through correct detection, prevention, control, and treatment. Important outcomes were to train trainers in the prevention of malaria through the correct use of mosquito nets and the sensitization of the population to the dangers of malaria.


Claudette Kigeme participated as a facilitator in four days of workshops concerned with the development of youth. Organised by COPED in collaboration with UNFPA the event brought together Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Pentecostals, and Moslems. It provided opportunities for them to consider the role of Christian denominations and other faiths in the education of youth and reproductive health.

Assistance For Dioceses

The dioceses of Muyinga and Buye are grateful for assistance from the dioceses of Bujumbura and Matana. They received maize and beans, along with some clothing, at a time when both dioceses were badly affected by drought.