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Archbishop of Burundi congratulates Rt Rev Eraste Bigirimana.
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Archbishop of Burundi congratulating Rt Rev Sixbert Macumi.
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Consecration of Two Bishops for Anglican Church of Burundi
EAB PRESS 051108-2
November 8, 2005

[EAB Press - Burundi] Two new bishops were consecrated during the weekend of 5th - 6th November 2005. The Rt. Rev Eraste Bigirimana is Bishop of the new diocese of Muyinga and the Rt. Rev Sixbert Macumi is Bishop of the diocese of Buye.

Bishop Eraste was born in 1964 in Ruyigi, in the eastern part of Burundi. He was baptised when he was 5 yrs old and made a commitment to Christ during the 1979 revival in Burundi through the Bible group that he attended when he was a student at Buhiga Secondary School. After primary and secondary education, he studied African Literature and Anthropology and graduated from the University of Burundi in 1991. For three years he taught French and Human Sciences, first in a Catholic seminary and then in a lycée. In 1994 he became Diocesan Secretary for the diocese of Gitega.

He married Consolata in 1997 and has 4 children between the ages of 7 and 1 yrs. His wife works as an accountant at Gitega hospital. From 1999 to 2002 he studied theology at Uganda Christian University from where he graduated with a degree in Divinity. While there he was elected chairman of the international students for one year.

He was ordained in July 2001. A teacher by profession, he most enjoys teaching and preaching. He has been working as pastor of Mushasha parish in Gitega diocese. He has been a member of parish councils, Provincial and diocesan Synods, and CNEB – the council of churches - where he served on the recruitment committee for 3 years.
The diocese of Muyinga, for which he has responsibility, borders a part of Tanzania where many refugees still live in camps. Large numbers of those seeking repatriation will pass through the diocese. It will be a challenge to try to provide for their needs spiritually and materially.

Levels of poverty in that area are high, and the region has recently experienced drought. Disease and ignorance are rife due to the fact that hospitals and schools have not been a priority for development. There is a lack of water and electricity.

The new diocese will need staff, offices, and houses for workers, along with other resources that will enable the diocese to function.

Bishop Sixbert was born in 1968 in Gakoni, in the eastern province of Muyinga. He was baptised in 1979 in the parish of Giteranyi and confirmed in 1981. At the age of 20, when he was a member of the Bible group and the choir at the Technical School of Buhiga, he made a commitment to Christ. Two years later he felt called to full time service in the Church. Supported by Buye diocese, he studied theology at the Theological Institute of Matana from 1991-1994, and gained a diploma. During that time he was ordained deacon. After his studies he returned to Buye diocese and taught at Bishop Barham Theological College in Buye.

He was ordained as a pastor in 1996 and worked as Director and teacher at Bishop Barham College while also serving as a pastor at Gatukuza parish and at All Saints Cathedral, Buye. From 1997 he was Diocesan Secretary for Buye diocese until, in 2000, he resumed his theological studies at Uganda Christian University from where he gained a diploma in Theology. After studies he returned again to Buye where he continued to teach at Bishop Barham College. He became the coordinator of the department for evangelism and was also involved in the coordination and development of Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade in Burundi.

Married to Clotilde Muhimpundu, a primary school teacher, he has 2 daughters.

Bishop Sixbert becomes the third Bishop of the oldest diocese in the Province of the EAB. Buye diocese was inaugurated in 1965. He succeeds Bishop Samuel Ndayisenga who has been bishop of the diocese for 26 years and is retiring.