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Buye secondary school
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The Bishop of Buye distributing mattresses
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EAB Press Extra October 2008
EAB PRESS 081103-1
November 3, 2008


A celebration was held in Buye at the beginning of October 2008 to mark the achievements of the project to rehabilitate and build Church schools. This project is in partnership with Lambeth Palace and is central to the Anglican Churchís support of education in Burundi through re-establishing Church schools under formal contract with the Government.

The Bishop of Buye, Rt. Rev. Sixbert Macumi, welcomed guests to the Secondary School of Buye. They included the Archbishop and other bishops of the Anglican Church, a representative from the Ministry of Education, and the Governor of Ngozi. They were joined by the Head Teacher, teachers, students, parents, and other visitors.

The school, that has 500 students as day students and boarders, was originally a primary school. It was built at the time when the mission station at Buye was established with a church, a school, and a hospital, reflecting the priorities of the early Anglicans to be involved in education, mission and evangelism, and health. Parts of the school were destroyed or fell into disrepair during the 15-year long civil war.

The ceremonies included a tour of the school to see the improvements that have been made. Classrooms, refectory, Head Teacherís office and staff room, and dormitories have been renovated and refurbished. A house for teachers has been built. At the dormitories new mattresses were distributed to a number of students.

The Head Teacher outlined some of the challenges that remain. The site needs to be secured with a wall. The school is at a distance of several kilometers from the nearest town but there is no school vehicle for transportation. Modern equipment is badly needed in the form of computers and a photocopier. A science laboratory is needed. The library is poorly equipped which presents a problem for teachers trying to prepare lessons and students attempting to study more independently.

During the speeches the students were encouraged to work hard at their studies and look after the school, taking pride in it. The Church was thanked by the Governor and the representative of the Ministry for Education for all it has done for the school. The Archbishop praised the collaboration between the Church and State but spoke of the importance of all interested parties working together to enhance education. The youth of Burundi need support so that they can grow up to be responsible and mature adults who seek their wisdom from God and become an example to their peers. Girls especially needed to be encouraged to attend school.

The students performed traditional dances and the renowned Burundian drummers added their own rhythm to the proceedings.

The project to rehabilitate and build Church schools is enabling the Church to work in other areas of the country, such as the primary schools at Cibitoke in Bujumbura diocese; Gatohwe in Matana diocese; and Muyogo in Makamba diocese, in order to enhance education in Burundi.