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Workshop group photo
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Group discussion during the workshop
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The role of the Church in the building and consolidation of peace in Burundi
EAB Press July 2007 - Extra Edition
EAB PRESS 070721-1
July 21, 2007

[EAB Press - Burundi] A workshop organized by the Province brought together 125 lay people from all the dioceses between 9 and 11 July 2007 to consider various aspects of the role of the Church in peace-building.

Funded by Trinity Church, New York, this workshop was the first part of a larger project to increase the capacity of 250 pastors and 250 lay people over a period of 2 years and initiate development projects in order to assist poor rural areas, address the issues of violence against women and HIV and AIDS, reduce poverty, and encourage good governance.

The workshop was opened by the first Vice-President of Burundi, His Excellency Dr Martin Nduwimana, who commended the Anglican Church for its efforts to support the Government and country in peace-building and development.

Consideration was given to the key concepts of traditional culture, key Christian values, good governance, the importance of truth and justice for reconciliation, and the role of women, the media, and civil society in peace-building.

Following the expositions, participants had an opportunity to ask questions and engage in group discussion followed by plenary sessions to report their deliberations.

Commenting on the workshop, participants said that they now realized that issues of peace-building and good governance were for everyone, not just politicians and Church leaders. They were aware that everyone working together and playing their part could achieve a lot in re-building and developing the country again. It was also important for people to understand and value their roots and the traditional values of their culture in the process of arriving at truth, justice and reconciliation in society.

The workshop concluded with a number of recommendations that will be analysed by the House of Bishops in order to arrive at some strategies for their implementation.