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Message on the First Anniversary of the Tsunami
CEYLON 051222-1
December 22, 2005

From the Relief and Rehabilitation Desk

[The Church of Ceylon (E-P) - Ceylon] 

Dear Friends,

It has been one year since that tragic day last December when each and every Sri Lankan lost a piece of our heart.

Twelve months on, even as the waters have long receded, the pain and suffering for many victims continue. Our programmes in housing reconstruction, livelihood support, trauma counselling, child care and human rights are in progress and we anticipate that they will continue well into the coming year.

This is not a letter with discouraging thoughts of the future, but a letter with an encouraging account of the recent past. Since Boxing Day 2004, we have been constantly reminded of the kind concern of the Anglican Communion. You were among our friends who approached us immediately with an eagerness to support the tsunami-victims even before we were able to organize ourselves. It was with your prayers and your funds that we made a difference in the lives of thousands of Sri Lankans in every affected-region in the country. Equal thanks to our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka who have worked relentlessly in the affected regions to bring rays of hope to the lives of the victims.

We are sure that our newsletters have kept you apprised of the demanding work being accomplished by our Diocese. The next time you read through our newsletter, remember that YOU made it happen.

The team at the Relief and Rehabilitation Desk would like to thank you. You hold a special place in our hearts!

Thank you!

Have a blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year!

With kind regards,

Chrishanthi, Marie, Leslie, Tilak, Sudharma, Dharshan and Nagulan

Relief and Rehabilitation Desk
Diocese of Colombo