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Progress Report - Housing
CEYLON 051006-4
October 6, 2005

[The Church of Ceylon (E-P) - Ceylon] 

* A team from the Desk visited Tangalle in the South to inspect a land offered to the Diocese of Colombo by the Urban Development Authority - TAFREN - for a Housing project in the South for the tsunami affected.

* A team from the Desk is currently in Kalmunai in the East to inspect a land offered by the Urban Development Authority TAFREN - for a housing project in Kalmunai for the tsunami affected.

* The Arch Deacon of Jaffna is able to obtain land and build 450 sq. ft. houses for the tsunami affected families.

* We plan to construct a community centre and playground facilities. The desk is also to clarify the gifting of the title/deed to the recipients on appropriate documentation in the event that the land is provided on the basis of a long term lease. The title deed will be written in the name of both husband and wife.

* Re housing construction and the coastal buffer zone the parliamentary select committee on natural disasters has proposed that all residents of the buffer zone be allowed to make an independent choice having been educated on the danger of remaining within the buffer zone.