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Progress Report on School Twinning Programmes
CEYLON 051006-3
October 6, 2005

[The Church of Ceylon (E-P) - Ceylon] Our school twinning programme, which see the coupling of Anglican schools in the diocese with state schools in affected areas has been continuing with great success.

Eight diocesan schools are now involved in the twinning programme and it has proved to be an ideal opportunity for students to get involved in the rehabilitation process. The response from the staff and students has also been very encouraging and we hope for the expansion of this programme.

The Anglican schools involved are Ladies College, Chundukuli Girls College, Bishopís College, St. Johnís College, St. Thomasí College Mount Lavinia, St. Thomasí College Gurutalawa, St. Thomasí Preparatory Kollupitiya and St. Thomasí College Bandarawela.

They have twinned with state schools from affected areas both in the North and South. A number of programmes are underway with yet more projects to be implemented.

Schools have provided financial support to badly affected students, organised English camps, donated equipment for extra curricular activities provided stationary and other necessities, and have been involved in the upgrading and renovation of badly damaged classrooms and other school facilities such as laboratories and libraries.

In addition to this, strong links have been forged between students from the respective schools. Students from the Anglican schools visit the state schools regularly and also attend all important events such as prize givings and cultural events.

Pen pal programmes and Inter cultural events also enable students to build up a rapport with one another.