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Proposals approved
CEYLON 051006-2
October 6, 2005

[The Church of Ceylon (E-P) - Ceylon] We have approved funding for the following projects.

* A boat and engine supplying project to be implemented in the East. 25 boats will be purchased for 50 fishermen and crew while additional funding has been approved for administration of the project.

* Nineteen (19) engines to be supplied to a fishing community in Trincomalee. The boats have already been provided to these fishermen. Therefore the desk will not have to fund nets or gear to the community. We are awaiting a report on how recipients are chosen.

* Funding of a 6 month beauty-salon course for 20 females in the Southern Province. Recipients are to be chosen from all over the Southern province and will be housed in a residential facility for the duration of their training.

* Further funding for implementation of Poultry Projects in Ampara. The poultry projects will benefit 20 families in the area and funding has been raised to accommodate all expenses. The desk is also looking into implementing this project in other affected areas.

* Housing Project and the purchase of 101 perches of land available for homes for 10 families of different ethnicities and communities in Hambantota. We plan to give Joint ownership of the land to husband and wife.