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News from the Relief and Rehabilitation Desk
CEYLON 051006-1
October 6, 2005

[The Church of Ceylon (E-P) - Ceylon] 

Dear Friends,

Nature has again showed us its awesome power and potential for destruction. The damage caused by Hurricanes Katrina,Rita & Stan and Typhoon Damrey has reminded us once again of the fragility and frailty of human life. Having suffered in a similar manner ourselves, our thoughts, and prayers go out to the victims of the hurricanes.

Rehabilitation activities at the desk have been continuing in all tsunami affected areas. We have been able to implement a number of new projects in addition to the continuation of projects started earlier this year.

In our plans for the months ahead, we hope to get involved in more projects to do with housing, fisheries, child care support and trauma counselling. We will continue to collaborate closely with government and non governmental organisations as well as community leaders.

Following this new phase of rehabilitation, we will continue to monitor the physical, mental, medical and educational needs of the tsunami victims and provide support as needed.

Following the gifting of teaching aids to village schools for instance, we are looking into getting experts to assist teachers and students in their use. The desk will also organise and participate in a number of conferences and workshops pertaining to rebuilding and rehabilitation over the coming weeks. As we look towards the future, we are hopeful of the prospect of rebuilding communities and providing as many people with a sense of dignity and self worth by making available the mechanisms to regain their lives and livelihoods.