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The Arson Attack on the MTV Complex
Statement by the Rt Revd Duleep de Chickera, Bishop of Colombo
CEYLON 090107-1
January 7, 2009

[The Church of Ceylon (E-P) - Ceylon] The arson attack on the MTV Complex very early yesterday morning must be condemned forthright. The method and manner in which this terrible act of violence was carried out is an indication of the impunity that prevails. Given the security alert that exists in the city and suburbs in particular, a gang of armed men could not have travelled on our streets in a numberless van to commit this crime, unnoticed.

This attack is not an isolated incident. It must be seen as part of an alarming trend that has intimidated and harmed media personnel and resists the expression of democratic dissent and diverse opinions. It is a trend that must therefore be of concern not only to the media but to all Sri Lankans who have a right to information and the political analysis of happenings in the country.

The calls for probes and inquiries are always welcome; but the people are now wary and even cynical about such responses. Consequently, the Government must either name the perpetrators and prosecute them according to the law, or acknowledge a dangerous flaw in the prevailing security arrangements, especially when the city is asleep. In either case this incident points to a serious breach of public trust and law and order.

With peace and Blessings.

The Rt Revd Duleep de Chickera
Bishop of Colombo
7th January 2009